SDCC 2013: Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier



Marvel really brought their A-game to Comic Con: between Tom Hiddleston (hello, Loki!) and the casts of both Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a lot of great stuff came out of Hall H that day.

After the panel, the Winter Soldier cast made their way over to a press conference, where we got to hear them talk a bit more about the upcoming film.

From the get go, Joe Russo (who is co-directing the film with brother Anthony) made it clear that The Winter Soldier isn’t going to be anything like what we saw in the first movie. While the first film pays homage to Cap and his origins, Winter Soldier is a modern, political thriller. If you know anything about the arc from the comics, you know that our poor hero is going to go through a lot in this film, so brace yourselves.

Cap won’t be struggling on his own, though – his old Avengers pal Black Widow joins him in the film. Scarlett Johansson talked a bit about the relationship between Black Widow and Cap, saying that they’re a lot more alike than one would think at first glance. They’re both guarded people with trust issues, and their working relationship evolves into a more intimate friendship. Chris Evans also talked about the relationship,  saying that there are definitely challenges to playing a morally good superhero in a morally ambiguous world. When he and Widow have to rely on each other, they wind up finding a lot of common ground and learning from each other.

The good Captain isn’t the only one struggling to adjust to life in a modern world. Sebastian Stan, the Winter Soldier, talked about how the-character-formerly-known-as-Bucky is trying to discover his own identity and his role in this crazy new time. As an actor, he had to do all of that while tying it all back to the character we all saw and loved in the first film.

Emily Van Camp and Anthony Mackie were also present to talk about their characters, Agent 13 and The Falcon respectively. Van Camp wasn’t able to give much away, but she did say that people might be surprised at how her character is introduced, and how much she enjoyed being part of the film. Anthony Mackie was similarly enthused, noting that his brother was a big fan of comic books growing up.

Check out our video interviews and photos below:


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So…who else is counting down the days until Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters?

Reporter: Mirjana Vuga
Photo Credit: Sharlene Mousfar & Mirjana Vuga
Video Credit: Sharlene Mousfar

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