SDCC 2013: Syfy’s Being Human

For the longest time, I was on the fence with Syfy’s Being Human remake. There were moments that were exact replicas of the UK original, which drove me mad because I liked the UK version better. Then there were moments of pure originality that I loved from the US version – that truly differentiated it from it’s across-the-pond brethren.

This last season was absolutely fantastic and really set the series on it’s own path in my opinion. The cast hit up San Diego Comic Con to let some nuggets slip about what we can expect in Season 4, which will be premiering in 2014.

A season 3 sizzle reel was shown and we left our heroes in a bit of a pickle: Aidan set his mangled vampire progeny loose in the wild and the big shocker was the apparent return of his long-dead wife. Josh and Nora got hitched but unsurprisingly, Liam’s thirst for vengeance has Josh stuck being a werewolf again. But Sally’s situation was the worst – having died once again, she was back to her ghostly self, seemingly free of her shady deal with Donna the witch. But there’s always a price as she got literally dragged to hell through her death spot by that same witch.

Of Season 4, Sam Witwer said: “We’re going to see some faces, that frankly, the audience won’t be able to predict. Certain actors that I’ve missed working with very much.” Mark Pellegrino’s headed back but “he’s always back” according to Sam! “The writers are interested in sending me on dates!” Looks like a continued look into Aidan’s relationships past and present will be happening but also a look into his relationship with the vampires: “We will tackle that issue of which side is he on?”

For Sally as a human the second time around, we had the chance to meet another member of her family, her brother. But is he going to return? “Yeah, um, I don’t know if I can say, but I will! I think we do see my brother again in season 4.” But Sally as a ghost the second time around isn’t quite the same girl we once knew. “Really the place that I’m in is I have absorbed quite a bit of Donna’s power. So I’m very different now; sort of try to harness and use the power that I have to get myself out of there.”

Josh and Nora are in a completely different kind of bind. Kristen Hager says that “The theme of season 4 is very much about destiny and you see a lot of the back stories to everyone and why we ended up where we are.” And good news! Wolf-Josh did not eat Nora! “Josh is actually stuck as a werewolf and what happens is every full moon, he turns back into a human conveniently as I’m about to transform into a wolf so they only have a half hour together.” Well that’s really sad as I love these two together! We’ll have to wait & see how this plays out for the newlyweds!


Photo Credit: Christi Kassity

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