Six Ways to Spot a ‘Secret’ Geek

It’s difficult to gauge when you meet new people how geeky they are, there’s no secret handshake, no geek I.D card.  How are you supposed to figure out who aligns themselves with The Force, The Fellowship or The Federation?

Over the years, I have come up with various coping strategies to find out if people are open to geek chat without scaring them away. Sometimes being a geek is like being a member of a secret society. You want to be able to shout your passions and opinions from the rooftops but years of strange looks from people that have no idea what a flux capacitor is, means that you could be reticent about revealing your true leanings. Some people flag their geek flag with pride, others hide it and you need to delve a little deeper.

There are several tried and tested ways of discovering if you are in the company of fellow geeks that I welcome you to try out whenever you are in unchartered territory. These include;

1. Asking what they watched on TV last night – If they start to talk about the soaps, you know that they are unlikely to have an all-consuming passion for anything with spaceships in it. If they mention a crime show then there’s the possibility that you may have some overlapping interests and could find some common ground. The jackpot would be if they say that they were watching the Season 3 boxset of The X-Files but this is something that one only fantasises about. If it does ever happen though, resolve immediately to never leave that job.

2. Try to squeeze the number 1.21 into the conversation – If they giggle and mutter ‘gigawatts’ under their breath then you know you are on to a winner. You could also back this up by shouting ‘McFly’ at the top of your voice when someone gets something wrong. It may earn you some funny looks from people but if it gets you knowing looks from the girl in the cubicle across from yours, you could have just found a new friend.

3. Mention how much it annoys you when people get names wrong. Like people who mistake Joss for Josh. If they don’t know a famous Joss’ then you can strike further conversations about Buffy, Angel or Firefly from the list.

4. Social media mention you saw the film ‘The Social Network’ (a perfectly mainstream film). If the other person then mentions Andrew Garfield this is your opportunity to list the (many) reasons why he was a superior Spiderman to Tobey McGuire. If their eyes glaze over after reason two, STEP AWAY immediately. If they get vocal and join in, then you know you are on to something.

5. Offer them a jelly baby while wearing your 6ft long stripy scarf. If it doesn’t as least make them smile then there’s no hope.

6. Sneak a look at their socks. Many closeted geeks allow themselves a ‘secret’ geek moment by wearing covert nerd-like attire. This may be a bit harder than the other methods but will provide a sure-fire way of finding out of the person you are talking to is a prospective geek pal. If it turns out they have Stormtrooper socks on then you know you will have something in common. Avoid crawling underneath the desks to find this out though (especially if you are a man) as it may cause some unpleasant office gossip which you may find hard to shake.

Good luck on finding out if you are in the company of a ‘secret’ geek! Lets us know your tips for discovering secret geeks in the comments section.

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