Supernatural Returns on E4

The wayward sons are back and carrying on…

Supernatural season 9 finally makes it way to British TV screens at 10pm Tuesday 6 January on E4. When we last sway the epic brotherly duo, Dean had just convinced Sam not to go through with the last Demon trial that would seal the gates of Hell forever and Castiel had been tricked by Metatron into completing the Angel trial which ended up with him losing his grace and getting the angels cast out of Heaven and down to Earth…

What can you expect this season? Well no spoilers but you can expect angels…lots of angels as you might expect as they are all on Earth except for Metatron who now has Heaven to himself. Will we see Metatron again? Does Dean like pie?? Expect to see Crowley again, very much affected by the attempted cure at the hands of Sam and Dean. Except a surprise return of a fan favourite…or two. Expect more deception and conflict between the Winchesters but plenty of love too. I would say there are going to be a few shocks this season so be prepared!

The season is a strong one and the show has really gone back to the stride it used to have from the early seasons and with season 10 showing in the US right now and strong signs of a renewal for an 11th season I would expect the show to continue for a long time to come.

Supernatural has had quite the time on UK TV starting out initially on ITV1 and then moving to ITV2 for the majority of its run and then shifting (after long delays) to Living TV. This is not unusual for an import show but unfortunately these same shows start out in prime time slots before being shunted down to the late night grave yard shift (Angel anyone?). Now that Supernatural has a home on E4, which treated shows like Smallville very well, hopefully it has a true home – it certainly has the fan base and maybe it can pick up some new fans as well.

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