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the-big-bang-theory To mark the release of TBBT Sixth Season on DVD & Blu-Ray, exec producers Bill Prady & Steven Molaro talk!

What can fans look forward to in the upcoming season of The Big Bang Theory?

BILL: A lot of events happened at the end of the last season, including the marriage of Howard and Bernadette. We also saw Howard heading into space and he’ll be there for a number of episodes at the start of the new season. Then he’s got to deal with the living arrangements in his household when he gets back. There’s a lot going on.

How are you going to address the living arrangements? What are the options?

BILL: We’ve not written those episodes yet, so it’s not resolved at the moment.

STEVEN: It’s going to take a while to resolve because it’s clearly a big deal in the life of Howard, Bernadette and Howard’s mum. It’s going to be very entertaining to watch.

How would you describe the dynamic between Penny and Leonard in Season Six?

BILL: They have a very complicated road to travel. Of all the relationships in the show, their relationship is the rockiest. If Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is baffling, then Howard and Bernadette’s is traditional – but Leonard and Penny’s is rocky. It’s been interesting to uncover this third flavour of relationship.

STEVEN: That’s something we will be poking at pretty hard this year.

Leonard proposed to Penny in Season Five. Will that storyline be touched upon in the premiere of Season Six?

STEVEN: The proposal put them in a weird place. They are moving on from there and they will continue to explore how they feel.

BILL: They always feel to me like a couple that took three ballroom dancing lessons and then immediately hit the dance floor. They are OK for a second and then they have to stop, step apart, regroup and start again. They have trouble with the dance.

STEVEN: They adore each other as people. We’re still figuring out how well they work in a relationship.

Will they stay together in Season Six?

BILL: Let’s see what happens. They adore each other as people and friends, and that keeps drawing them together. However, when they get together they keep being unsure about how to proceed. We [the producers and writers] have all talked about the fact that we’ve had similar relationships where you can’t seem to pull apart and you can’t seem to quite make it work – and it’s that relationship that Penny and Leonard have in our show.

Can you describe the last five minutes of the Season Five finale and the first five minutes of the Season Six premiere?

STEVEN: The last five minutes of Season Five are my favourite five minutes of television of all time. I can’t watch them without crying like a baby. However, I don’t want to give too much away about the new season. All I’m going to say is the fact that one of the main characters is still in outer space. That’s a big deal. We’ll be checking in with him pretty quickly.

What trajectory have you got planned for Howard in space?

BILL: You know what? We never look at a trajectory. We always go from episode to episode. When it comes to Howard, his life is fraught. He’s in space at the start of the season. Then, he is going to come home and be a guy who was in space, which can’t not affect you. And then he has to deal with issues of being newly married.

Can you give us any other hints about Howard’s upcoming plots?

STEVEN: All I can give away are some general hints. Howard learns that even though he makes it all the way to space, all the issues of life that plague him don’t stay on Earth. They have a way of following him all the way up to the space station. But that’s all I’m giving away right now.

Howard’s got a lot going on in his life in Season Six…

BILL: He has. When it comes to his home life, he’s torn between two really powerful strong women who both adore him: his wife and his mother. In terms of being loved, Howard is passionately loved by two women – but he doesn’t want to let either of them down. His dad left when he was young, so he’s an only child. He’s had this strong relationship with his mother all his life and I think he’s afraid of disappointing her and making her sad. But now he’s got this new amazing wife, too. Of all the characters on the show, I think it’s great that it’s the former wolf who has settled down and got married first. I always believed that behaviour was because he desperately wanted to be married. I always believed that he aggressively hit on women because he wanted a wife.

STEVEN: And then his wife tends to have a side to her that’s a little bit more like his mother than he realises. We play with that when she yells at him and sounds like his mum. That’s really interesting to watch as well.

There is also a new father-in-law in Howard’s life… Will we see much of him in Season Six?

BILL: We love the father-in-law character and we love Casey Sanders, the actor who plays him. We loved seeing Howard and him meet for the first time last year. To be honest, we haven’t talked about Casey returning yet, but it’s hard to imagine us not going back there. Casey is a terrific actor who brought a really cool intensity to the role. We enjoyed that very much.

What will happen to Sheldon in Season Six?

STEVEN: Sheldon will probably continue to be irritated by various things in Season Six.

BILL: He will continue to be frustrated that everyone in the world just doesn’t do things the right way. You know what? Sheldon is a force for the status quo. Sheldon is challenged by change. The way you put Sheldon in situations is you confront him with change. That’s what we’ll do.

What do you like about Sheldon’s character?

STEVEN: Sheldon is brilliant and successful. Last year, he met Stephen Hawking. While it didn’t go exactly how he wanted it to go, he certainly made a bit of an impression and it was a very entertaining meeting. We like to remind the audience that Sheldon is exceptional and he’s really smart. Science is still a huge factor in the show and Sheldon is still pursuing his science dreams. He still would love to win the Nobel Prize some day.

The pop culture and geek references in the show are continually spot on. Are you self-confessed geeks who love to consume as much pop culture as possible?

BILL: We’re exactly that.

STEVEN: I was the fat kid who went to Star Trek conventions. The only day I ever cut out of high school was to go to a bookstore and meet Douglas Adams who wrote The Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy. We like Doctor Who and loads of other shows from popular culture. We’re a little obsessed with everything.

BILL: Battlestar, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who… We love it all.

STEVEN: After our Comic-Con panel this year, we went back to the panel room and Bill was geeking out like a fan boy when the Game of Thrones actors came on stage. That’s exactly the kind of guys we are. I don’t think we’ll ever change.

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