Tolkien Gestures: The Horror, The Horror

Its a new year, and this means, for me, a new reading list. I’ve done these for several years now, and Geek Syndicate has been the home of the last two – Fantasy in 2010 and Dystopias in 2011, and so it seems fitting that for this year I try my hand at the other genre of which I have little literary exposure – Horror.

* screams *

I freely admit to not having read a lot of horror, a genre I think I’ve put off by its cinematic cousins which largely leave me cold,  and the odd decision to read “The Rats” at 13 which may have left slightly mentally scarred. Fantasy (I now freely admit) I largely ignored out of snobbery, whereas Horror I’ve avoided because I’ve never seen the point of deliberately making myself uncomfortable. But these lists are about challenge, and exploration of new things, and so Horror it is.

I’ll run the column fortnightly, as last year, but first I need a list to read! With this in mind, this  post is a call for suggestions of authors or books which are either a) good examples of the genre firing on all cylinders, or b) books that have become definitive or overly influential. Suggestions can be made here, to me on twitter @thegrampus or via email to thegrampus(at)gmail(dot)com.

Oh, and wish me luck!

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