Voices from the Syndicate: Blown away by CGI

These days it seems that we as an audience we are getting far to comfortable to CGI being used in a movie so we asked the GS team what has been there stand out moments of CGI in a movie.

NUGE: I think Avatar would be an easy pick for me in terms of CGi but in terms of the emotional response it evoked I would have to say Gandalf vs the Balrog in Fellowship of the Ring. I had imagined that scene and how it looked hundreds of times in my head and somehow it seemed Peter Jackson and his team had dragged those images from my head and stuck them on screen. The weird thing was how many other people said the same thing. Not only did the CGI Balrog look fantastic Ian Mckellen’s acting against something which isn’t there sell the scene even more. Fan bloody tastic!

JACK: Even though I didn’t like anything else about it, i’m going to say Avatar…

MATT F: For me i think the most impressive uses of CGI have become the more subtle ones used to build up worlds that can’t – or no longer – exist. I’m starting to get a little worn out of the overwhelming “big CGI money-shot” stuff in a lot of big budget films. That said – the use of CGI creatures in the Lord of the Rings series, especially the Balrog, remains awesome, but at risk of not being geeky enough (!) i think CGI’s use to create the shots or Rome in Gladiator, or a period San Francisco in Zodiac are perfect examples of using this technology as a servant of, rather than a star of, modern filmmaking.

DAVE: For me Avatar and its use of 3D really is the pinnacle of CGI. There was a point in the film where I remember reaching up to brush away whatever it was floating in front of me, which turned out to be a piece of ash on-screen.  What’s more impressive though is the way in which quality CGI is now available for low budget films such as Monsters.

BRODYSIXX: I was recently impressed by both Thor (for Asgard) and Captain America, but I remember being impressed by Star Wars Episode I as a kid, the pod racing especially…I was 11 and easily impressed 😉

VICHUS: For my RPG-loving brethren, final Fantasy has been sun off in various incarnations. Two of those were full CGI films. I think the first, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was not a great film, but the CG work was quite impressive for the time. Now the second, Final Fantasy: Advent Children wasn’t even trying to tell much of a story, but it didn’t really need it.

Just imagine if your favorite video game from yesteryear was translated into a badass, expensive CG feast for the eyes. That”s Final Fantasy: AD, based on the RPG Final Fantasy VII.

Getting away from completely CG films, Let’s talk about The Lord of the Rings. Gollum: Do I need to say more? OK. Gollum is a great example of putting your budget where it needs to go, not splashing effects all over the screen. To create a character who feels real is no small feat.

I’d like to put a cherry on this by mentioning Star Wars. I don’t care what you think about the Star Wars prequels (why does Anakin speak like a half-ssed, emotionless Brit?) but you probably have those DVDs on your shelf because Lucasfilm knows pretty.

MONTOYA: I would need to go with Transformers in terms of the amazing integration of live action with the seamless robots. Each Transformers movie has improved on the previous one to the point now that you truly cannot tell that it is CGI.

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