Voices from the Syndicate: Is 3D a good thing?

So Geeks over the past year we have seen a huge increase in movies using 3D. Here at Geek Syndicate we love gadgets so we should love this new technology right… right?

Lets here what the team at GS think about it. So Team is 3D a good thing or not?

MIRJANA: I have yet to see a movie that was improved significantly by 3D, and certainly not improved enough to justify the heightened price tag.  I think it’s receiving a push right now because it’s an easy way for movie studios to make extra money, and it’s infuriating when movies I’d otherwise see aren’t even offered in 2D.  Call me a dinosaur, but given the choice, I would pick good old 2D over 3D any day.

That being said, I think that there is a place for 3D – movies like Tron Legacy (which someone else already mentioned) where you’re immersed in this alternate reality, or Avatar where you’re in a whole other world.  I just think that it should be the exception rather than the norm.

VICHUS: I have not and most likely will never see a film in 3D. Never jumped on the wave. I went on a date to see Avatar, and I as one button press away from ordering 3d tickets from the machine.
I don’t get nausea from 3d, so I could do it, but I don’t hear great things about this gimmick.


THOMAS: For me, when done well, 3D adds so much to a movie – The use of 3D in Tron was amazing and made the world inside the game seem huge. However, bad implementation of 3D really brings me out of a viewing experience – Green Lantern springs to mind here. I’ll always choose to watch a movie in 3D at the cinema, and that’s primarily because it’s the only place I get the see 3D movies and I think that all uses of 3D at least deserve a chance. The best use of 3D I think I’ve ever seen though, was at Eurogamer 2010 on Motorstorm Apocalypse – the destructible scenery falling apart underneath your car was greatly enhanced by the 3D and drew you into the gaming experience.

NUGE: The whole 3D Debate pulls me in different directions. I thought Avatar was an enjoyable and fun film but slap that 3D on it and it gave me a level of immersion I’ve not had since seeing that film, although Tron legacy did do a great job on that front as well. Most of the time 3D just feels slapped on as way to raise the price on ticket prices (notice how any showings of a 3D version of a film there is compared to the 2D version of the same film) or just so they say something like ‘Finish the adventure in 3D’, like that’s going to make the difference between me seeing the film or not. Personally I have no beef against 3D but I just don’t think the majority of films using it no how to get the best out of it and I certainly don’t think every film is enhanced by it….even the special effect heavy films. I mean the Green Hornet in 3D…really?

WedgeDoc: I’m in the same boat as most everyone else here. For me, 3D in cinema (and indeed TV and gaming) has it’s place, but it needs to be part of the storytelling experience. I’ve seen quite a few films in 3D and the only one that has really worked for me was the otherwise mundane Avatar. The 3D there was largely used to add depth and reality to the world of Pandora rather than simply being “Hey look what we can do!” which seemed to be the goal of films like Alice in Wonderland and the dire Clash of the Titans. I watched Thor in 3D and while the visions of Asgard were helped a little by the depth, I don’t think they warranted the extra cost of 3D and the other effects were more spectacle than story-enhancing. So. Yes 3D has it’s place but as with most tools, when over-used or used badly it can detract from the overall movie experience and from the telling of the story. And story should drive any programme, game or film in my eyes.

MATTHEW P: 3D is a massive waste of time and effort! Normally you find that a director will focus on the 3D more than they should which is nearly always detrimental to the story. I absolutely hate when i’m watching a 3D movie and they use the trick of having something right in front of your face and it just looks out of place, you know that shot is only there to show that it’s in 3D. However! I do believe there is a place for 3D. Piranha 3D was a absolute hoot! That is the kind of movie that should use 3D.

BRODY SIXX: To be honest I’d rather not see a 3D film. Maybe it’s my eyes, but I don’t actually see much difference! I’ve seen about 10 films in 3D and one it IMAX…preferred the IMAX. 3D…not for me.

MONTOYA: There is a place for 3D but only in animation I think. Having seen a few films in 3D now I can only really see the difference when it is animated or CGI. Yeah sure I can see the depth visual but it is still a long way off from making a big difference. You here all the time Directors saying 3D is the way for the future, sure fine but then wait till the future has caught up and then lets see what it can really do.  At Least the glasses have gotten better. So for me I say give it a few more years and then really WOW us.

MATT F: I think the rise of “In 3D!!!” being bodged onto films not designed for it, or done well, has damaged what is quite a fun gimmick. I’m seem some cool applications of it, especially with some of the all CG efforts like “Up” and “How to Train Your Dragon”. That said, I do think it’s a gimmick at the moment, and will probably remain so as long as i have to pay a third extra for a ticket and wear those silly glasses.

LUKE: I dont really feel that I have gained much from 3D to the extent that I have stopped paying for it. I did enjoy Green Lantern in 3D but maybe that is simply that I enjoy GL so much as a character. Typically now that I have stopped paying the extra for the 3D there comes a film that I think would look amazing: Tin Tin. When i watched it i kept thinking how good it would look. I think 3D is like every Hollywood toy. It gets used too much to begin and if it had been used sparingly, I might have been all for it.

SHAR: I think 3D is appropriate for some films that have huge specific effects, action sequences..etc i.e. “The Dark Knight” I saw that in IMAX 3D and it was like an amusement park ride! But overall, I think everyone’s just doing things in 3D for the hell of it – not really looking to see if it lends itself to the story that’s being told.

GS: WOW sounds like to me that here at GS we are still not sold 100% on the whole 3D thing. Don’t be shy, tell us what you think.

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  1. The only films I have seen that have been enhanced by 3d are Avatar and Coraline (and Pirahna 3d but that is for different reasons 🙂 ) it really annoys me when a film which wasnt even made in 3d is only showing in 3d as that is purely to get extra money out of people.

  2. Pytyr /

    Thus far Hollywood has not convinced me to see a 3D film. The price and glasses putting me off.

    The closest I’ve got was that one episode of Chuck in 3D although when it came to the DVD I got mixed up and the wife and I watched the 2D version in the glasses and didn’t realise until we read the box later.

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