Voices of the Syndicate: Is there a facet of geekdom you wish you had more time for?

So with the huge amount genre content that we geeks can sink are teeth into we can struggle to find the time to continue to indulge in certain areas of geekdom. The GS team share those parts of geekdom that they are struggling to keep up with.

Wabbit:  All of them? 🙂

But to narrow it down, I’ll go with writing fanfic. I used to churn out a lot of stories, and now that’s a rare thing. Blogs and such have suffered a similar fate. Then again, I spend a lot more time working on costumes now, so maybe it balances out?


Vichus Smith: Oh boy, just all of it. I wish I had more time for gaming, because all my pals are taking down monsters and shootting fireballs, and I’m just getting in maybe a half hour in the morning, and a few hours on the weekend- if I’m not watching yet another Netflix show that’s come out of nowhere.


Stacebob: Definitely cosplay, though that would also require a wish for clothes making skills and way more money than I have! It is something I would love to get into though; I follow a lot of cosplayers on social media and am constantly wowed by the amazing things they create. Due to the aforementioned lack of time, money and skills, I have to remain content with cobbling together costumes from clothes I already own or can buy for a couple of quid from eBay.

Also, if I may choose a second thing; podcasting! I love podcasting. Again, I’d probably need a bit more dosh to get some really good equipment, but it’s the time factor that stops me producing more shows. I’m a bit fussy with my editing so it takes way longer than it probably should, meaning I can’t really produce more without having way less time for reading, watching and playing things to actually talk about on the shows!

Ron: Time – it’s all about time. In my case, time for reading, and time to sit with my children through the back catalogue of classic films that they should have watched by now…


Nuge: Books. It’s shocking how little I read nowadays compared to when I was younger when I could pick up a book and have it read in a day. I do now listen to audiobooks which does help a lot but I do find it hard to find the time to just sit down with a cuppa and immerse myself in a cracking novel.


Wegdedoc: It seems like a cop-out to say, but honestly: every facet that interests me. Being a fully grown man-dult with a family means that time is constrained but actually, what constrains me the most at the moment is my mental health. I’m in a massive slump at the moment and having to force myself to even play a video game, let alone podcast or write about them. I’ve got loads of projects I’d like to be doing which are all just simmering under the surface because my motivation level is even worse than my time management!


I think at the moment, if I were to pick one facet though, it would probably be miniature painting. I have a shed-load of beautiful miniatures from Knight Models (DC Universe stuff), Walrord Games (Doctor Who stuff) and more that are begging to be painted but at the moment even when I have time free my head is not in the right space and I just feel too drained to focus.


Vix: Man, i wish I had more time to just sit and read comics. There are so many amazing comics out there and I wish I had time for them all. TBH, i could probably make more time if i didn’t need my daily Jeremy Kyle and Police Interceptors fix because that’s 2 hours right there!

I’d also love to find more time to work on my own original fiction. I go through bursts of obsessiveness with it and then months of nothing. It’s extremely irritating!


Brett Harris: I would love to watch all those famed Star Trek episodes and series I have missed. I’ve never just sat down and watched DS9 or Voyager and TNG was so erratically scheduled on our local channels I only caught a handful. I enjoy thoughtful sci-fi and Star Trek is often held up as the gold standard so I would love to fill this massive and massively embarrassing gap in my Geek resume !


Ian Simpson: I’d love to be able to read all the X-Men comics from the very beginning in order of every story and event, including all the spin offs and individual storylines.
And I’d also like to read every book I want to…my to-read list is over 200.

So this is what the GS team are struggling to find time for but what about you lovely reader? What facet of geekdom are you struggling to find the time for? Let us know inf the comments section.

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