Voices of the Syndicate: Want to turn a comic/book into a film

This edition of Voices of the Syndicate tell us which book or comic they would most like to head to the big screen or tv and why.

Liz: I would love to see someone take on Fables and do it well.
Similarly, I would love to see someone take on Northlanders and cast solid actors and do great things with it.  The series is so superb.  It would even work as a TV Series, with each Volume being given a series or at least an 8 episode arc.

Matt P: I’d love to see the “in her name” series adapted in to a franchise of films. i recently picked up the first three books on kindle and have been reading through them every night. They are about a war between Humans and a race knows as the Kreelans. The main character is a Human called Raza who is kidnapped by the Kreelans as a child and raised as part of experiment to see if humans have souls.

Jack: The Left 4 Dead comic as that is one of the few games that i’ve seen be work when changed into a comic, but i’m not sure if that counts.

Montoya: I would love to see Alpha Flight as a film. This group of Canadian superheroes are so unique and quirky that they would be great on screen.
As for books I would say either the Honor Harrington series or the Seafort saga by  David Feintuch. Both are good hard SF military space saga’s.

Amaechi: My vote goes to Artemis Fowl. Nothing like a 13 year old evil genius looking to get all the gold he can so he can to rule the world. That will nicely fill the gap now left by the end of the Harry potter series.  Apparently the author Eoin Colfer summed up the series as Die Hard with fairies……..nuff said.

Shar: I’d probably want to see the Anita Blake series come to life in some form – whether it be a small screen series or a live action film. Mostly because the focus is on someone other than a vamp, wereanimal or witch! Anita’s a necromancer and that’s something I haven’t seen as the overall focus of a story (as in, not just a season on True Blood). Plus, all there’s loads of good looking men in those books – what’s not to love? 😉

Vichus: I wil say The Flash. I think that since Green Lantern has opened it up for other heroes besides Superman and Batman to be on the big screen. I also think that capturing super speed in a film is something we rely have not seen lately especially in a movie.
If you stuck with Heroes for more than one season ( I know you’re out there) There was a female speedster in it, and I think they did speed effects well there. With a big budget, it could look even better. Plus, the Rogues. Boom. You have them go from fighting Flash alone to ganging up on him. I even have the teaser trailer thought out.

Luke: I have 2. Id love to see the flash as a film with Neil Patrick Harris playing Barry Allen (assuming it’s barry they went with). I think this could really show people that the dcu is just as good as marvel. The other is y the last man that I would have as tv show. Think there is too much detail to do it justice as a film.

Matt F: As much I thought Zack Snyder’s Watchman was a decent enough stab at the comic I can’t help but think the natural format for the story would have been a multi-part TV series (10 episode format maybe?) to give it the time to breathe and show off the depth of the source material that is inevitably lost from the film. And given all the good quality DC/Warner animation about at the moment i’d like to see them have a stab at adapting Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come.
Books-wise I’d love to see a Culture adaptation but I suspect the budget required would be somewhat prohibitive.

BrodySixx: I love Neil Gaiman. The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr Punch could make a brilliantly creepy short film!
There is a book of short stories by Etgar Keret, the collection is called The Bus Driver who wanted to be God and Other Stories. One of the stories, Kneller’s Happy Campers, was developed into the 2006 film Wristcutters: A Love Story, but I’d love to see others developed into film.

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