Voices of the Syndicate: What are some of our Greatest Moments in Sci-Fi and Fantasy?

Our friends of at SFX are currently running doing a poll to discover the greatest moments in Sci-fi and Fantasy from a list of 250 moments to celebrate their 250th edition.

SFX’s 250th edition is approaching rapidly. To celebrate, we’re compiling the definitive list of the 250 greatest moments in science fiction, fantasy and horror. You can vote in the poll now, so it truly is a democratic list of the moments that have made our genre great. Anything is eligible, from comics, TV, film, books and games. Our experts (including many celebrity buddies) have hand-picked 250 of our favourites for you to choose from, and here they are.

Not to miss out on all the fun we decided we would each pick a moment from the SFX poll and then provide another moment which was not on the list.

Read on fellow geek to see just what sci-fi/fantasy moments moved the GS team then head over to the SFX website to cast your vote.

SFX Moment –The Hunger GamesKatniss shooting the apple from the pig’s mouth, curtseys and says “thank you, for your consideration.” She’s so badass and amazing as a female lead role in an sci-fi/action movie.

GS Moment – Pirates: Curse of the Black Pearl.  “Why is the rum gone?” Not necessarily one of the best moments of the film, but everyone knows the phrase and it describes Jack’s personality perfectly. Well done to the person who made an entire song based around that one line and why did you make it so darn catchy?!

SFX Moment – Blade Runner. Roy Batty’s “Tears in rain” speech – imply iconic, Rutger Hauer’s acting has never been finer, a beautiful & poignant dialogue, and it actually works well with Ford’s voice-over.

GS Moment – Transfomers. From my list (yes, I have a list), the sequence showing the arrival of all the Transformers on earth from the first film, ending with Optimus Prime rolling up and changing… how I felt when I first saw that is how you should feel in all Transformer movies, Mr Bay!

SFX Moment –  The Dark Knight. The Joker rides with his head sticking out of a police car window”. Even on my first viewing I loved that moment; it was a mixture of chaos and freedom and a plan coming together that, added with the film score felt very powerful to me.

GS Moment – Pacific Rim. When the head of Gypsy Danger falls down on to the body and they do the systems check. Gives me goosebumps every time as you just KNOW cool stuff is going to happen!

SFX Moment – Star Wars: A New Hope.  I’d have to go with the opening of Star Wars: A New Hope, because its just one of the most perfectly iconic shots in the history of cinema, never mind Sci-Fi.

GS Moment – Bioshock. Given they’re allowing gaming, and even mention Bioshock, I’m going to pick the moment near the beginning (“I chose an different answer. I chose… Rapture!”) as one of the great introductions to a game world.

Dave W
SFX Moment – Star Wars: A New Hope. The Star Destroyer fills the screen in the opening shot, a moment that’s seared into my mind. Having only really seen Doctor Who and some 50s sci-fi movies at that age the scale and grandeur was gobsmacking. Time (and Prequels) hasn’t diminished the impact that shot had on me.

GS Moment – Day of the Doctor My favourite recent moment in Sci-Fi has to be Day of the Doctor, frankly I’d say the whole thing is a single moment of awesomeness. But if I had to chose then I’d got for the moment where the three Doctors unite on Gallifrey and blast the Dalek into the Black Archive, or maybe when the Twelve Doctors unite (including the greatest eyebrow cameo in sci-fi history)…or maybe all of the Doctors lined up at the end. Narrowing this down might take me some time!

SFX Moment –Empire Strikes Back.  Star Wars Empire Strikes Back battle on Hoth.

I was about 11 years old. We were months away from the release of the since largely panned Episode One.

I told a friend at school that I had never seen Star Wars. The next day he lent me the trilogy. I saw A New Hope and thought it was fun…Then I saw Empire.

That whole film blew my little mind. This was a film that was not “new”, it was released in 1980 – eight years before I was born, and it was probably the best thing I had ever seen – and it all started with the explosive and epic battle on Hoth.

GS Moment – Mass Effect. Mass Effect One’s ending. I had spent ALOT of time playing the first game. I replayed the same sequence over and over during the midpoint to make sure that my fave character (Wrex?) survived but the ending was incredibly satisfying. Imagine growing up watching 80s and 90s action and scifi movies with those epic and explosive endings and wishing you found a videogame that could replicate that sensation. The first Mass Effect game nailed it. Edge of my seat, in the zone, non stop ballistic awesome – amazing.

SFX Moment – Star Wars: A New Hope. I’m going to have to go with A New Hope, and Luke watching the twin sunset. I know it might seem like an odd choice, but that swelling music… in such a quiet moment it both manages to convey a sense of longing for something more, while also foreshadowing what is to come… gets me every time. Damn you John Williams.

GS Moment – Starship Troopers. How could there not even be a mention of one of my favourite movies of all time, Starship Troopers? I think it still holds the record for the movie I saw the most in the theatre. “This is for you new people. I only have one rule. Everyone fights, no one quits. You don’t do your job, I’ll shoot you. You get me? Welcome to the Roughnecks” “C’mon you apes, you wanna live forever?”

SFX Moment – Buffy the Vampire Slayer. For me, the top moment from the list has to be from BTVS when Buffy pushes Angel to hell. It set the scene for the rest of the show (and the rest of Whedons work) that no one was safe. Main characters can be killed, relationships can be fractured and hearts can be broken. It moved the show away from girl meets boy, boy is vampire with a soul, girl and vampire fall in love and showed that there are consequences and dangers to every decision. A sobering thought.

GS MomentThe Matrix. One moment that isn’t on the list but perhaps should be is the ‘I know kung fu’ moment from The Matrix. This moment has often been copied (Chuck for example) and is now firmly a part of my vocab. It’s the moment in the film when we realise that anything is possible in this world and is just a perfect line.

SFX Moment – Raiders of the Lost Ark. When the Nazis opened the Ark. I remember watching the scene, aged 11, with my hands in front of my face for a good portion of it and hearing the screams both on screen and in the cinema. I also remember when the lid slammed shut on the Ark and no one said a word in the cinema for at least a minute…epic.(damn you SFX for not having the truck chase on the list!).

GS Moment – Empire Strikes Back. Yoda explains the force to Luke and the X Wing levitation. A perfect combo of special effects,musical scoring and drama. Seeing that scene as kid convinced me of three things…

1.Yoda was real
2. I was watching something special on screen even if I did not know how special.

3 No amount of back flips, lightsaber duels, glowing ghost Jedi and disembodied voices showed just how powerful the force as the explanation from one little weird green alien with big ears in a swamp.

We hope you enjoyed looking at our picks. Remember you still have time to cast your votes in the SFX poll as the votes closes Wednesday 30th April.

Reporter: Nuge

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