Voices of the Syndicate: What was the Last TV Show or Comic Series You Dropped and Why?

On the main feature for this week’s episode of Geek Syndicate (Episode 211) Barry and Dave tackled the thorny subject of how they go about deciding what shows to cancel and what comics to drop.  To keep the discussion flowing the floor has been opened up to the rest of the GS team to give their thoughts.

Over to you guys!

Ant – Mine’s an odd one. I stopped watching Game of Thrones half way through Season 2. I just got a bit bored, and honestly, I struggle watching TV shows with sex in for some reason. Even if I’m on my own I get uncomfortable every time a sex scene comes on. I’m really not sure why I haven’t gone back to it or felt a massive urge to. I watch Strike Back and that has the same content mix and I’m a big Fantasy / Medieval fan, so there’s nothing really stopping me.

I would say it’s that I now have one and a half seasons to catch up on, but they’re short seasons and I happily watched Three seasons of Walking Dead to catch up on that.

I really have no excuse other than I remember that boredom I guess.

I’m sure I’ll go back to it. Not sure when. But I will.

Barry – For me it was Falling Skies. I remember watching about half of episode 1 of season three then stopping the recording because I needed to go out and 3 weeks later I still had not gone back to it. To be fair to the show it has tried to up its game every series but apart from Pope(love that guy) I just find the other characters bland and the plots a little too predicable.

Another show was Nikita. Maybe not the best or most realistic spy show in the world but it was fun. The action was slick and fast paced with a strong central character in Nikita herself. The problem was when season 2 started the main story arc was bought to a very effective close and season three just feels like it’s treading water. I decided to jump ship while I could still remember what I loved about the show in the first place.

Oh and Hawaii Five O Season three…you better up your game…big time. I’m watching you.
Casey – I stopped watching Dexter. I really enjoyed it to begin with, but there came to be a certain predictability to each episode. After awhile, I realised I wasn’t enjoying it anymore and was just mechanically watching for the sake of it. It might have improved but I just felt like I was done with it, even though, as a character, I find Dexter to be very interesting.


Ron – Revolution and Defiance – Revolution just seemed so improbable, that we would descend into such a state so quickly should such an event happen; Defiance just seemed to be trying too hard to be too many different things, and failing to be anything…


Sara – I’ll be dropping Batwoman after issue 26, because the creative team quit due to interference from editors. DC in general I’m dropping comics wise. They treat their creatives appallingly and have made it clear they don’t want to cater for a newer audience, so my money will be going elsewhere.

They need to rethink their editorial policy. A good editor should encourage a creative team…not control them.


Leo – The last comic series I can remember dropping was the recent Thunderbolts series. It had one of the greatest concepts: Venom, Red Hulk, Punisher, Elektra, and Deadpool being an X-Force style strike team. But, the execution was so terrible that most anyone who was reading it gave up on it. Great ideas, bad execution.


Dean – The last TV series I dropped was Revolution. It didn’t retain my interest, I didn’t care for the characters either. I liked the concept but not enough to keep watching.

Comics I’ve dropped- the last major one was Threshold. Despite its promise and it being by Annihilation writer Keith Giffen I just couldn’t get into it. I’m not sure if it didn’t live up to my expectations or was just a plain old bad book but I dropped it without a second thought. A shame considering DC has some very, very promising cosmic characters.

Matt – I’m constantly losing track of TV shows, especially in an age when most shows are heavily serialised – miss a couple and you are left playing catch up. Recent victims are Falling Skies and Once Upon a Time, both of which are stacked on my PVR, both of which I liked, but I just never get around to them. Last TV show I consciously “dropped” was The Walking Dead; no matter how many people are enjoying it, I really don’t care for any of the characters and don’t want to spend time in their company.


Luke – I dropped Uncanny X Men, Batman 66 and Action Comics of late.

Uncanny was down to money. £5 a month was a crazy amount when I could be reading about at least 2 other characters for the same price. Pricing is a big reason why I have so few Marvel books.

Batman 66 was over the Joker issue. I loved that the first 3 digital issues actually made use of the digital platform. I carried on for another story but the Joker felt quite disjointed for me. Almost trying too hard to be current and yet 60ish at the same time. Not just that the moving panels disappeared.

I dropped Action Comics when Morrison left the book.


Vichus – I’ve stopped reading comics in issues for at least 3 years now, so that takes care of that business. The last TV series I dropped? Man, it feels like the series drop me! Alkatraz got canned. Last Resort got the same 1 season axe. The first series that comes to mind is Cult. It was a CW show that was a show within a show. The biggest name on it was Robert Knepper (Prison Break, Heroes, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters). There was no hook to keep me there at all. Nearly all aspects of it flatlined.


Christophe – I am pretty good as I tend to stay with shows till the end however I do not watch shows that I think have a high cancellation risk factor. I normally wait till late in the season for new shows to hear if it has been cancelled and if not I give it a go.

This year I am so close to dropping Doctor Who but feel like I should at least wait and see. Oh I did give up on Hannibal, not because it is bad but I just found myself with TV fatigue.
Let us know what was the last TV show or comic you dropped.


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