Voices from the Syndicate – If you could choose one superhero to be your mentor for the day, who would it be?

So welcome back to our voices of the syndicate feature where the GS team tackle some of biggest geek question that get thrown their way.

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Right then this week’s question is ‘If you could choose one superhero to be your mentor for the day, who would it be?’


Stephen Aryan: Captain America, because if he was my mentor for the day he could teach me how to be a better person, to let go of the little things, think more positively and show me how to throw a shield.

What do you mean I look better with a beard?

Vichus Smith: I was going to go with Prof X, but that dude had so much baggage. I think I’d go with Spider-man. He’s down to earth, hails from my borough (Queens, NY, baby!) and he’s not perfect, so he’s giving advice and lessons from experience. Also, I’m all about thar power/responsibility stuff.

Chris M: Mine would be Marshal Law. He hates superheroes and believes that they are an incredibly dangerous element to society. As he says – he hunts heroes but has not found a real one yet. My personal mentor Pat Mills crafted a narrative which lampoons The Punisher, Batman (as a pervert Billionaire) and superman as a sexual deviant to fantastic success in the Marshal Law series.

Ron Singh: I’m a tech guy, so it’d have to be Tony Stark!

Scott G: I’d say Doctor Strange since he’s one of the few Superhero’s who learned his skills – and that’s quite rare. Most of the others are amazing but not super-powered (Batman, Ironman) or had their powers bestowed upon them (Superman, Hulk, Spiderman). Doctor Strange got to where he is by study and learning, and it seems like someone like that would make for a better mentor.

The bigger the collars the more power the magic…FACT

Ian Simpson: I’d like to go for Kate Bishop as Hawkeye – for the sass! Actually, can I change mine to Jessica Jones…for the whisky…



Little Witch: It goes without saying mine would be Barbara Gordon. She’s smart, strong and has an awesome computer set up. I think we would just take tech all day.

Stacebob: I think I would go for Barbara Gordon. I’m useless at technology so it would be great to spend some time working with and learning from her. I also could do with some self defense skills and she’s got that covered! She’s also super compassionate, so I think she’d be one of the nicest and least judgmental heroes to spend a day with.



Brett Harris: Excellent question ! Hmmm, there are so many to choose from! As corny as it sounds I reckon my genre mentor would have to be Batman. He’s a bloke who doesn’t let fear stop him from reaching his goals (literally when he takes down the Scarecrow) and who uses his pain as a motivation to help others. As someone who has too often let fear get in the way of achieving his goals – and who tries his best to help others – I find Batman inspiring. And everyone knows Batman’s super power is he never gives up.

Batman Ninja - Batman-Joker-closeup

The Joker’s behind me? Do you think I was born yesterday?


Wedgedoc: Hmmm. A day isn’t that long to be mentored for, so it would need to be someone who could help me hone some of the skills I already have.

Given my interests, there’s only one real option and that option happens to be my favourite costumed vigilante: The Green Arrow. Specifically from after the time of the “one year later” arc of comics and before the “cry for justice arc”.

Twenty-four hours in the wilderness practicing archery, hunting and survival techniques together with some self defence would be invaluable to me.


Nuge: I think I would go with John Stewart from the Green Lantern corps. I think a lot of the things I end up not doing or failing at come down to having a lack of will power. Who better to teach me about harassing my will than a green lantern?

So they are the mentor picks from the GS team. Let us know who you would pick as your superhero mentor in the comments section.

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