Voices of the Syndicate: You’ve got 30 seconds to reach the escape shuttle what do you grab?

And here’s this week’s question in full people

We gave the GS team 30 seconds to reach the escape shuttle off earth and if they could only grab one geek item (comic, book, game, statue etc) what would it be?

Here are their responses. See if you can spot the ones bending rules.


Valerie Parker: Does my Harry Potter Novel box set count as one item?

Little Witch:
Detective Comics issue 359


Nuge: I think as there would never have been a geek syndicate podcast without it I’ll have to say the Planetary Comic series by Warren Ellis, John Cassaday and Laura Martin.

Vix: Ooooo, such an evil question! Only 1?! What about if i stuffed my entire Star Trek dvd collection into one bag, does that count as 1 item?!

Fia: Does my extensive geek teeshirt collection count as one if it’s already packed in a suitcase? Because that’s currently true (yay moving day….)

If not I’d grab my copy of Good Omens, signed by Terry Pratchett. Prized geeky item AND a memento of an amazing day.


Vichus Smith: I’m guessing a smartphone is a cheat, because I can put quite a few things on there . Ditto for any other portable device. I guess I’m going with the Nintendo 3DS I bought and barely played. I would like to bring a console, but can I hook that up to the ship??

Ron Singh aka ‘THE CHEATER’: I’m with Vic – a 256G iPhone can hold all my music, favourite books & comics and my top 50 films & a couple box sets! Include a case with solar & MEMS charging (to be released around 2027 – ahem) and I’m golden!

Brett Harris: I would grab my signed copies of Watchmen issues 1 to 12. These are also a beloved momento – of a great day spent chatting to artist Dave Gibbons. However if I was limited to just one issue though, it would have to be #5, the “Fearful Symmetry” chapter. This is a masterpiece of comics which I could (and have) read and reread a million times !

Ian Simpson: If there’s an onboard DVD player, it would have to be my Buffy boxset. If not, probably my Buffy boxset anyway…or maybe my Hellboy Library Editions.


Wabbit: As much as I’d love to go with the original Star Wars trilogy, I’m going to take the entire run of all the Star Treks, as that would certainly last longer and give more far more variety. I can fit it in one bag. Really. Plus, there are things in there I haven’t seen. 😉


Let us know in the comments section what your one item would be (and no you can’t choose a smart phone).

If you have a question you would like the GS team to have a crack at giving their thoughts on then send to us at [email protected]

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