Voices of the Syndicate: Geek Resolutions for 2014

So it’s 2014 (Sorry Mayan we’re still ticking along) and it’s time for some new years resolutions from the Geek Syndicate team. Of course being GS you won’t find a single resolution centred around weight loss or bad habit breaking. No, my friend, these resolutions are 100% geek approved.


Inspired by the recent Dr Who Anniversary, I think I might start collecting the Tom Baker era DVDs as a starting point. He was my Doctor. Also, having just suscribed to Audible, I think I might plough through Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, as I’ve only ever read the first couple, mostly because I’m always put off by books more than about 600 pages (I am a slow reader!) . Also want to discover something new and exciting.


  • Finally attend a con!
  • Finish all these video games I’ve bought/have been bought for me.

The second one is easier said than done, since I can’t seem to find the strength to get GTA V out of my PS3.


  • To finish writing a major comics script (major as in a long form piece greater than 20 pages).
  • Write at least 5 short stories (comics scripts) and submit to Dark Horse, 2000AD, etc to see what happens.
  • Make my first finished comic.
  • Finish my comics magazine project so it FINALLY sees the light of day before this time next year.
  • Get more people to give comics a chance.


2013 had me running around Geekdom like a dog after cars. Next year I’m resolving to get more focused. The first thing I’m doing is shifting the weight of my reading from comics more back towards books – partly because my BookStack is starting to mock me openly, and partly because I’ve become aware of how many new authors have passed me by.
I’ll be going to my first Fantasy Con (in York), which should give me loads of reading recommendations, ideas and contacts for the podcast. My local Table-top gaming club is finally starting to take off, so I’ll be looking to broaden my board-game experiences. Oh, the Skype roleplaying sessions are starting up again at last, so I’ll definitely be getting in to that again. Can’t wait! Obviously I need to finish the first series of Battle Gods of Pod as well, given that I’m two episodes behind – seriously need to find someone to take over the reins, then. Family time – got to get better at prioritising that, of course, then there’s finally catching up on my multi-platform backlog of computer games and finishing off painting those Mansions Of Madness figurines [facepalm] Oh… I’m doing it again, aren’t I?
As you were, then.
Nothing to see here.


  • My first new years resolution is to write more, read more and enjoy more. That’s a bit vague though so here are a few others.
  • Like Vichus, I need to assess my gaming situation. I have made a good job of finishing games on my X360 but on PC my record is not so good. I have a large Steam library with many games that I have barely dabbled with, yet know I want to play. Games like XCOM, Civ V and my old adversary Mafia II which was bought about four years ago. There is also the question of picking up an Xbox One or PS4 or giving my PC the upgrade it is starting to scream for. I`ll have to choose at some point next year.
  • My next resolution is to find another TV series that grips me. The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad were my mainstays this past year, and now Breaking Bad is over, I’d like to find something suitably dark to replace it. I’m hearing great things about Banshee so might try and give that a look.
  • My last resolution is to finally get to the Forbidden Planet shop in London. I have wanted to get there for years now but I’m hoping to make this year the one that I finally achieve it. I’d also like to attend one of the bigger Conventions but what, where, and how I do not know.

Fingers crossed for a great year though!


Geekdom to me is also family… Next year I’d like to meet more of you. Obviously I’ve met Barry, Dave and Christophe as that’s how I got into GS, but this year I met Casey up at a local con, and have had Wendy & James around my house for a family gaming afternoon. I also want to attend more local cons – it might be a slightly lower class of guest, but you get more of an “intimacy” than the bigger cons, and they tend to be more children friendly… So Dion, we may see you in York. Apart from that, I just want to stay on top of the writing: Apple Bytes and Tech Talk have been running a poor second to DC Despatches and Marvell Mutterings – I’d like to be more frequent on all four.

Anyway, that’s next year… This year, have a great Christmas with best wishes from the Singh Clan to you and yours…


There are two things I want to make happen this year: Attend NYCC in October and get quoted on a cover of a comic that I reviewed. I’ve heard NYCC is amazing, so that’s a no-brainer, even if it might be a bit expensive. The cover quote deal might be a bit harder to make happen, haha.


There are countless TV shows i need to catch up on….but my real priority will have to be finding the time to finally complete Skyrim. I love the game but i keep having to start a again for some reason or another!!!

I would also like to make more of an effort to find and enjoy more independent games!


One of my resolutions is to read more books as that is something that I miss doing. I would also like to try and attend some other conventions this year, not just the usual suspects.


On the gaming side of things I have several games I need to complete or at least play the majority of going back to 2011 games like Batman Arkham City, Gears of War 3 to more recent games like Bioshock Infinite, Halo 4 and The last of Us. I would also like to get more written games reviews posted on the GS website, maintain regular gaming news posts on the site and for me as part of the Next Level pod team to review more recent and new games for new gen consoles.

I’d love to finally get a gadgets and technology podcast for the GS Network up and running.  Also would like to get myself sorted out and contribute a latest gadgets/technology page to each issue of the GS mag.

I have a few TV series sitting on either my Netflix or Lovefilm accounts I need to watch such as House of Cards, and Breaking Bad.


After spending the last year trying to tick as many items as possible off of My Big Geek Adventure list, 2014 will see me continuing this challenge.

Other than that, I will be trying to focus on my writing and getting my book finished!


Right well, i think the big resolution is to try and push forwards with my writing (reviews, articles for the Magazine, and a couple of other projects) as I seem to have made some small progress this year. I’d also like to get to another con, ideally in the middle of the year. Theres also far too many shows to list that I need to get up to date with, but Arrow probably tops the list.


I’d like to get into the old Star Trek tv series. Love the Abrams’ films n that’s all I’ve ever seen of it.

Also want to listen to more of the 8th Doctor audios.

So that’s it from some of the GS team. Let us know your resolutions in the comments below.

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