Waiting For The Trade – Dark Reign: Hawkeye

Writer: Andy Diggle & Antony Johnston
Pencillers: Tom Raney & Andres Guinaldo
Inkers: Scott Hanna & Lorenzo Ruggiero
Colourists: Guru FX & Chris Chuckry
Letterer: Dave Sharpe

Collects: Dark Reign: Hawkeye 1-5

I like Andy Diggle a lot. He’s an active and bluntly honest twitterer, an acerbic and sarcastic so-and-so and he writes great comics…what’s not to like? Going into this book I’m utterly predisposed to like it. I like the writer(s) the main penciller, the event and the character. I’d even read the 2nd issue for an episode of my Comic Book Grab Bag podcast and thoroughly enjoyed it as I recall.

However reading this trade in whole as part of the Dark Reign event just left me wondering “why on earth did anyone think this story needed to be told?” From reading only the 2nd part I had convinced myself that the underlying story led back to Bullseye’s use of the Hawkeye identity and who in the Marvel U might not like that too much…but without spoiling too much I’m afraid to say that what I feel I got was a pretty by-the-number generic tie-in mini series that appears to be completely inconsequential.

The fact that the creative team for issue 5 is entirely different from 1-4 might be for perfectly good reasons, maybe the entire original team had to spend a month at a spa together or were savaged by a koala, but it smacks of a certain “we know this is a turkey so let’s just finish it up and get the hell out of Dodge”.

I’m all the more disappointed because Diggle is better than this.

Reviewer: Dave Williams

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