Waiting For The Trade – Secret Warriors: God of Fear, God of War HC

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Pencillers: Alessandro Vitti, Ed McGuinness

Inker: Tom Palmer

Colourists: Chris Sotomayor, Sunny Gho

Letterer: Dave Lanphear

Collects: Secret Warriors 7-10, Dark Reign: The List – Secret Warriors

Secret Warriors is a book that spun out of Marvel’s Secret Invasion event. The cast of characters is centred by Nick Fury, ex of S.H.I.E.L.D. who is a man on a mission…although that mission isn’t always quite clear to everyone else. In preparation for the day when he had to go it alone Nick assembled a team of youngsters, all of whom have some sort of legacy in the Marvel Universe.

The team is led in the field by Daisy Johnson, who goes by the name Quake. Alongside her you have J.T. the grandson of the original Ghost Rider, Phobos the God of Fear AKA Alex, Sebastian Druid, Stonewall, Yo-yo and Eden.

This arc is a bit disjointed with the story from Dark Reign: The List splitting it down the middle. The first half of the book deals with Fury investigating a possible Hydra agent while J.T.’s exuberance leads Alex and Eden into trouble with Normal Osborne’s Dark Avengers. The List story finishes off the tale of the suspected Hydra agent and then the latter part of the book deals with the godhood of Alex. In the Ares mini-series of a few years back Alex was a human boy, but the events of that series left him in the somewhat illegitimate possession of godhood, something the high council of Earth’s Pantheons wants to have a word with him about.

The biggest thing that struck me other than that I prefer Jim Cheung’s art to Vitti’s is that this volume seems to lack the strong design sense that the first hardcover had. Whilst there’s some supplemental material in The List story that’s about it…and the book just doesn’t have Hickman’s usual design flourish.

The coolest moments of the book reside in The List story (which I’ll review elsewhere as part of The List HC that Marvel have put out) and consequently it feels like the four issues of the main series are just padding for that single issue. Volume 1 was packed with great moments whereas this just isn’t.

Reviewer: Dave Williams

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