Why I Went Back to Supernatural

Sam-Castiel-Dean-supernatural-16744455-1280-800After season seven of Supernatural I was done. I swore I would never go back to this show but with season eight all of that has changed and I’m here to tell you why.

When the credits rolled at the end of season seven I sat there dumbfounded. It was a season of a truly crappy set of bad guys in the Leviathans (I groaned every time they did that CGI big mouth trick) with an even more rubbish masterplan.  I could not believe this was the same show. Yes, Sam and Dean were still great but the show had lost something that I could not put my finger on. There were a couple of decent episodes in there but even at its best, it was no where near what had gone before.

A part of me wished I had listened to that little voice inside my head that had whispered to me to stop watching after the original five season story arc was complete and the Winchester boys went out on a high. I began to see the warning signs during season six and then season 7 just rammed the point home harder than that bone Dean shoves in Dick Roman’s neck. Even with the cliffhanger of Dean trapped in Purgatory, I thought ‘I could care less what happens next’. It was then that I knew it was time to jump ship.

When season eight returned, I didn’t go searching for reviews or comments. I had made my choice and was ok with that. New shows stepped in to fill the void and my geek life rolled on until by chance I stumbled across this comment from Bob Singer (had no idea Bobby was named after him) the show’s producer:

Every year we start with a theme — this is our “Raiders of the Lost Ark” year.  The season-long story will be a quest.

Being the Indiana Jones nutter (see Geek Syndicate banner) that I am, my eye started twitching at the mere idea that there might be some kind of Raiders-style theme to the new season. If this wasn’t testing enough, a few people I knew who were already well into the season began to tell me how I needed to go back to the show and that it was ‘back to form’. The Indiana Jones reference was spot on.

With my ‘bet it still sucks’ grouchy fedora shoved firmly in place I started watching season eight and found with each episode that my grouchy fedora was getting lighter and lighter until finally I had to remove it. Although I still think some of the past glory is gone the spark is definitely back in the show. A lot of this is due to dumping the rubbish Leviathans and giving the demonic wind up merchant Crowley, played effortlessly by Mark Sheppard, more one liners than an episode of Only Fools and Horses.

This season they have come up with a new way to ramp up the tension between the brothers (something again I thought was lacking in season seven) which is working really well so far with flashbacks to what Dean and Sam have been up to for the last year. Seriously, I could watch a whole spin off show centered on Dean’s time in Purgatory. There’s also a whole new mythology that has been created in the show that is a great way to take Sam and Dean off a fresh new directions with the Men of Letters storyline. I hope they build on this in season nine.

One of the great things about Supernatural has been the long list of supporting characters from John Winchester, Bobby, Rufus, Meg, Ellen, Garth, Crowley and of course Castiel. We can now add Dean’s new friend Benny to the list who has some great lines and is quite frankly bad ass.

There will always be a part of me that wished the creators stayed true to their own hype and ended after five seasons but the part of me that is currently watching season eight is glad they stayed the course.

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