Adrian Brody joins ‘Predators’


So it seems that Oscar winning actor Adrian Brody has been cast to star in the Predator reboot being helmed by Robert Rodriguez. Brody is set to play a bad ass Mercenary in the new film.

When we talked about this attempt to reboot the Predator franchise in the last episode of Geek Syndicate I would never have guessed this casting news. I mean granted Brody has taken the lead in an action epic before in Jackson’s King Kong  but this is action with a capital A.

I really like this casting; it’s different, risky and it tells me that Rodriguez isn’t afraid to take risks with this film.

Even if I was against this casting after reading the premise and the fact that Danny Trejo is in this film t would take a lot to dampen my spirits.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Variety

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