Alderaan Shot First – New Footage Proves that the ‘Death Star’ isn’t so bad after all

The Death Star in A New Hope

Image via Wikipedia

As you may remember in’Are Imperial Stormtroopers Really that Evil?‘ I put forward the controvesial theory that Stormtroopers ain’t so bad.   Now, for a moment, let’s turn our attention to the ‘Death Star’ shall we.

Now again this once peaceful space station has been given a libelous makeover by the Rebel newspapers and turned a military battle station into some kind of evil, planet destroying, space station as seen in this heavily edited scene.

Now watch the real version as obtained at great risk by senor gif which clearly shows that the planet Alderaan attacked first and the so called ‘Death Star’ was doing what any other fully armed and fully functional battle station would do by defending  itself.


That’s right Rebel Alliance we here at GS HQ are unmasking your lies!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: senor gif

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