All New Avengers Film Poster released

The Avengers one of the films I’m really looking forward to seeing and like the Dark knight I’m trying not to read up too much on it or watch ┬áthe endless set videos and photos taken by fans as I want to be surprised as much as possible by the film. Anyway despite all of my big words I just stumbled across an all new poster for the film that I though I would share. For some reason the poster leaves me a little cold but hey what does that matter if we get a kick ass Avengers film?

Here’s the poster for you guys to judge for yourself.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Comic Book Resources

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  1. montoc1701 /

    Hmmm this looks fake to me. There are a lot better ones out there….

  2. It’s a fan-made poster for a Russian fan poster contest

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