AnyClip Partners with Universal to Celebrate 100 years

Exciting news for us Geeks; to help celebrate their centenary, Universal has launched – a website that will serve as a digital hub for the film company, and support their yearlong 100th anniversary campaign.

AnyClip is an emerging entertainment technology company, which allows movie studios to monetise and reinvigorate their libraries of content. AnyClip allows users to find any moment from any movie in it’s database, and relive their favourite cinema moments. Anyclip was chosen by Universal to provide an outlet for fans to share their memories of Universal’s iconic films – including The Big Lebowski, Lon Chaney’s The Phantom of the Opera and last year’s breakthrough hit Bridesmaids – which, in turn will allow Anyclip to discover and curate the most popular 10-15 movie moments from each film using their deep tagging technology. The official anniversary website was designed and built by Universal partner and digital marketing agency, The Branding Farm.

“A great movie can do many things but most of all, it can stick with you to become a milestone in your own life. This is our goal for our top curated clips: to share them with our fans and viewers giving them the opportunity to relive their favorite movie moments, and discover new ones. We’re thrilled that AnyClip was able to help us accomplish our goal,” said Kris Lichthart, Manager of Digital Marketing at Universal Studios.

Users of the new site, which can be found here, can search by year, cast or crew, and sign in with Facebook to share their memories of their favourite films. This is great for us Geeks, who want nothing more than to rave about the movies we love.

The site also contains quotes from cast and crew about the films they worked on, including Molly Ringwald on The Breakfast Club, Cinematographer Allen Daviau on ET and David Butler on Road to Morocco. Fans’ comments will be added to this section of the site, or ‘grid’, allowing film enthusiasts worldwide to take the time to celebrate those movie moments that impacted their lives in an indescribable way. provides an enhanced user experience – allowing us to remember the movies we love, rediscover classics we haven’t seen in years or find new movies entirely. The new site also helps Universal identify the best-loved moments from their back catalogue and has a link to iTunes, allowing fans to purchase movies they love directly from the site.

Fans and film enthusiasts can log on to to reflect on their favourite movie moments from Universal’s past 100 years, and help bring Universal’s centennial to life online.

GS Reporter: Brogen Hayes

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