Armie Hammer To Star With Tom Cruise In ‘Man From U.N.C.L.E.’


Armie Hammer looks set to be following up his role as the Lone Ranger by joining guy’s Ritchie’s Man from UNCLE reboot alongside Tom Cruise who looks set to play suave super spy Napoleon Solo from the classic 60’s spy series.



Personally I think Armie can work in the role as Ilya Kuryakin (be interested to see whether they give him a Russian accent or not). Guy Richie in the director’s chair is fine as I reckon he could give us some cool action scenes. The thing is as much as I’ve liked Tom Cruise in most of his action films I just don’t see him as Napoleon Solo…at all.  Back when I was kid watching Man from UNCLE no one did cool on telly like Napoleon Solo (ok there was Simon Templar but don’t get me started on the 1st Saint reboot). When the rumor was George Clooney was the actor stepping into Solo’s shoes I thought ‘Yep that’s all good I can see him in the role, although he may be a little old’. However when I think of Tom Cruise I just don’t think he can pull off a Napoleon Solo that I want to see.


I don’t think they will do it but would love this to be a period piece set in the sixties rather than a modern film as I’m worried we could end up with another standard and ultimately Bourne trying to be Bond flick. I hope Cruise proves me wrong as I’m a big fan of the TV show and the spin off films. Oh and please note to Mr Ritchie…no need to remix or redit the Man from Uncle theme it works just as well now as it did back in the sixties.


Listen to exhibit A if you don’t believe me.


So what do you think of these casting choices?


Photo of Robert Vaughn and David McCallum as N...

Photo of Robert Vaughn and David McCallum as Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin from the television program The Man from U.N.C.L.E.”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Source: Deadline


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  1. jms1701 /

    Agree with you on Tom Cruise playing Napoleon Solo – he’s more smarmy than suave in my opinion.

    I think Benedict Cumberbatch would have been a really good option here, he certainly has the suave quality.

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