Autumn of Indie: New Trailer Released for Outpost 11

Indie  Sc-fi thriller ‘Outpost 11’ is nearer completion and to celebrate they’ve bought out a new trailer.

We featured the initial trailer for Outpost 11 earlier in the year and liked the look of this tale set in an alternative, steam-powered, past.

The film stars Bernard Hill (Titanic, Lord Of The Rings), Luke Healy (The Football Factory, Double Time), Joshua Mayes-Cooper (Silk), Billy Clarke (Hunger, The Devil’s Business) and  is the tale three soldiers stationed at a isolated listening post in the Arctic Circle.  When a warning light goes off it leads to a chain of events in which the  soldiers must battle against isolation, Arctic Spiders (yuck!) and perhaps even each other.

The project has being going well with the film now in the final stages of post production which should be finished by the end of September. In preparation for this a new trailer has been released which shows off a lot more of the story.

Check out the interview we did with the Director of film, Anthony Woodley to get some more insight on the project. The film has also been picked up by Indie film company Stealth Indie and will be introduced to potential buyers in Toronto.

Source: Outpost 11
Reporter: Nuge

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