Batgirl Rises Fan File Teaser Trailer Released

A young determined librarian desperately seeks the truth after her brothers disappearance with a mysterious woman

The same team who bought the world the Girl of Steel fan film releases a teaser trailer for their second installment, Batgirl Rises.

The trailer release on vimeo this week is shows the birth of my favourite character of all time, Barbara Gordon. Starring Lindsay Heath as the title role, Constance Brenneman as Harleen Quinzel and Devon Coull as James Gordon Jr. The entire fan made film will be released on the 3rd November.

While the trailer seems to have some great fight scenes in it, the action is cut very fast and it’s very difficult to tell how this film will pan out in terms of story.

The origin story for Barbara is fairly stable, staying largely the same since her conception in 1967 with her creating her costume for a costume ball. However this story seems a lot darker and more violent from the glimpses seen in the trailer.

So far I’m not convinced by the look of the film or the casting but as no characters talk in the trailer it’s really hard for me to generate a strong opinion either way. It all feels a bit too gritty bearing in mind that Barbara Gordon is a intelligent librarian and the daughter of the police commissioner. Even so I will be following their Facebook page for more videos.

batgirl rises

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