Batgirl Rises International Trailer Released

With just under two months to go Love Entertainment has released an international trailer which gives a slower more detailed glimpse of Batgirl Rises.

Last week we posted about the teaser trailer for Batgirl Rises, the latest fan film from the director Vincent Tran and Love Entertainment.  This week they have released an international trailer on Vimeo.

A young determined librarian desperately seeks the truth, after her brothers disappearance, with a mysterious woman.

The last trailer left me unsure what to expect and this trailer has done nothing to settle this.  The dialogue does give you more information about what to expect however it left me even more confused as it seems to contradict her brothers disappearance.

I am still interested to see how this film plays out.  So far the casting of whom I can assume is Harleen Quinzel seems solid and the accent seems there but the casting of Barbara feels off at the moment, from the clips seems she just feels like she’s missing something.

I am really hoping this is just me not seeing enough and the film will be awesome when it is released on 3rd November.

Source: Batgirl Rises


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