Oh My Stars and Garters! Will This Actor Play a Young Beast in “First Class”?

Rumors keep rolling in about X-men: First Class casting. Now actor Benjamin Walker (Flags of our Fathers) is tied to the role of a young Beast, AKA Dr. Henry McCoy.


Hank McCoy is a big boy, so how does Walker transform into this


It’s not like Kelsey Grammer kicks dirt on 98 pound weaklings, but he had the benefit of prosthetics and makeup on his body. Hmm, I wonder if they threw out the Juggernaut arms from X3…

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  1. Spikey_p /

    Really hope they resist the temptation to make him blue and furry from the outset or try and explain it as part of the film.

    Wasn’t the original explanation pretty much largely off-panel anyway? It certainly wasn’t in any way a classic story and I’m fairly sure that it didn’t happen in Uncanny X-men at any rate. It pretty much coincided with Hank joining The Avengers during the period X-men wasn’t publishing any new material in the early 70s, so it either happened in some Avengers Annual, The Defenders or one of the anthology titles they had knocking about.

    It’s not exactly Dark Phoenix Saga, at any rate.

    • I don’t remember how Beast became the more familiar blue-furred guy we know now. Isn’t it basically a secondary mutation? I think they will stick to him basically being a very agile mutant, and maybe make him blue by the end.

  2. lord richter /


    Nice right up of how he became blue and furry. The original origin makes for an easy movie origin and leaves a nice setup for another movie.

    • lord richter /

      Write up, write up. Sigh even the computer cannot fix stupid. 🙂

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