Bruce Willis confirms cameo in Stallone’s Expendables

Seriously can the casting in this film get any better for us fans who want old school 80’s style action romp.

So far the rooster of stars reads – Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Lee, Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It seems if that wasn’t enough Bruce ‘ Wrong guy, in the wrong place’ Willis had now confirmed we will be doing a cameo in the film. According to MTV news nothing is set in stone in terms of Willis character only that the scene will feature himself  Sly and Arnie all on screen together.

Can someone please cast Chuck ‘The Roundhouse Kick’  Norris and Carl Weathers in the film so I can die a happy man.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: worst previews

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