Catherine Tate to Star in Brit Superhero Comedy “SuperBob”

With Superheroes so big at the moment, superhero comedies can’t be too far behind. They don’t have a great track record, to be honest, but the Brits are going to give it a go with “Superbob”, which has just started shooting across London. The full synopsis is beneath the cut – but like any comedy the proof will be in the gags, so I expect the first trailer will be the thing to watch out for! 

LONDON – 12th July, 2013 – The Fyzz Facility, Grain Media and Jones company Productions are delighted to announce that principal photography began on the British romantic comedy SUPERBOB on 7th July 2013. The film will shoot throughout July on locations across London.

SUBERBOB stars Brett Goldstein (Derek), Catherine Tate (Doctor Who), Natalia Tena (Game Of Thrones), Laura Haddock (The Inbetweeners Movie), and they are joined by Ruth Sheen (Run Fat Boy Run) and celebrated British comedian Ricky Grover (Getting On).

when a radioactive meteor crashes to earth, it leaves Bob Kenner, a mild-mannered London postman, with extraordinary capabilities.  He becomes SUPERBOB, a superhero who despite all his superhuman powers is still shy and unassuming – especially when it comes to women.  As Bob tries to balance the increasing demands of the international community with preparations for his first date in six years, matters come to a head when a film crew arrives to document his day off.  Can the world’s only superhero develop the power of basic human interaction……?

SUPERBOB is the debut feature for director Jon Drever and is based on his acclaimed short film of the same name.  Brett Goldstein and Will Bridges share screenwriting credit and producers are Wayne Marc Godfrey and Robert Jones (Run, Fat Boy, Run, The Harry Hill Movie).

Writer/Actor Brett Goldstein said: ‘I’ve dreamt about making SUPERBOB for years now, so to see it all come together and working with such an incredible cast is mindblowing. Every day, as I crush my testicles into a far too tight superhero costume in a Peckham high street, I look at my wincing face in the mirror and gently repeat my mantra, ‘I’m living the dream…I’m living the dream…’’

Director Jon Drever added:  ‘I feel so lucky that this story has attracted such a cast of brilliant comic actors and am having the time of my life working them. As for Brett, I grew up with him, and although his testicles are a bit too big for the role, we’re working around them.

GS Reporter: Matt
Source: Freud Communications

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