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still_01When not slicing and dicing the bad guys as Hit Girl in Kick Ass 1 and 2 Chloë Grace Moretz it seems like to let her hair down, read a book and maybe terrorize a small town with her telekinetic powers in this international trailer for the remake of the classic horror film Carrie.

 I thought the trailer looked good with Chole doing a nice turn as the shy an d bullied girl with a very big secret. Special props to Julianne Moore who is the poster mum for a long overdue visit from social services. The problem I had with the trailer is the same I have with most trailers these days that rather than be a showcase to draw you into seeing the film they are basically a mini version of the film.I mean the trailer gives you the beginning, middle and end of the film with enough dialogue to leave you in little doubt what happens. Yes I know it’s a remake but there will still be folks out there that this film will be new to.

What did you lot think?

Reporter: Nuge

Source: youtube

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  1. darkphoenix1701 /

    My overal view is ‘meh’. Looks like any other Hollywood remake without any of the atmosphere of the original. Sissy Spacek managed to be convincing as the shy Carrie, then as the out of control Carrie after the events of the prom – but Chloe Grace Mortez just doesn’t seem as convincing. And for me no one can beat Piper Laurie as Carrie’s nut job of a mother. I also agree about the trailer – I have no need to see the film, as the trailer has given everything away!

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