Clash of the Titans 2 find a director

Well it just goes to show that I know nothing about what it take to make a successful film these days. Not only did I find out over the weekend that ther Clash of the Titans remake made a shed load of money (nearly $500 million) but it now has a director attached for a sequel.

Jonathan Liebesman has signed a deal to direct a sequel to “Clash of the Titans” for Warner Bros. and Legendary.

Liebesman had been in contention to nab the directing gig since early June, with negotiations stretching through the summer. Money was a factor, as was the hurdle of overcoming the negative perception of this year’s initial installment.

Apparently the studio is promising to address the concerns that came out of the first film by acutally filming the sequel in 3D, rather than converting it in post production. To be honest I could care less if it was 2D or 3D  just give me a solid plot,better casting, decent acting  and some great action scenes and I’ll be happy.

Source: Heat Vision

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