Clash of the Titans Trailer

I have found memories of  going to see the original Clash of the Titans film at cinema as a kid (Yes I even loved the Clockwork Owl). When they announced they were doing a remake I thought ok so long as it keeps the same epic vibe I got from the original film.

I  thought, after watching this first trailer,  that this definitely has that epic vibe to it  and felt like it had taken the look of Gladiator and bought it into the Clash of the Titans universe.

My only two problems?  the tag line and the trailer music. You give me all these epic scenes and then stick on this cheap ass rock sound track (so you couldn’t nick some backing music from the hundreds of fantasy film trailers out there?). Also the ‘Titans will Clash” really? it made it sound like this was a trailer for some WWF rematch.

Despite those missteps (please someone in internet land give me a new mashup with some decent backing music) I really liked the look of the trailer.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: youtube

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