Clash of the Titans – Video Feature

25th March is the date the celebrity gods will be able to see this remake of the classic fantasy flick in the 3D (I wonder how many  aren’t going to be in 3D soon?)

“nd April  is the date on whether we will lesser mortals will be given the chance to watch TITANS CLASH! (yeah doesn’t work much better than TITANS WILL CLASH).  I really like what I’ve seen so far and I’m always up for a decent bit of Sword and sorcery, even if it is a remake (hmm I’m wonder how far off a remake of Hawk the Slayer and Krull is?).

My hope is this film is a big hit and we can start getting some more Sword and Sorcery flicks that spring from original ideas.

Any check out this latest video feature on the upcoming film.





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