David Tennant Cast in Fright Night remake

When they started to release  news of the casting  for the remake of the classic 80’s comedy horror flick Fright Night I kept think this great and all but I’m only really interested in one piece of casting that of TV host/ pretend vampire hunter Peter Vincent. In the original film Vincent was played by Roddy’ Planet of the Apes’ McDowall and in the new remake he will be played by former Dr who star David Tennant.

There was no way I would have guessed Tennant would have been up for the role and this has really come out of left field for me but I love this newest casting choice. I did think they might have gone for someone a bit older but I think Tennant will be great in this role and it’s definitely made me a lot more interested in this remake than I was previously.

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Source: SFX

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  1. Red Five /

    EEEEEP!!!! Squeeing like a motherlicker now! Very much looking forward to seeing the Tenninch all blown up on the big screen. Interesting choice for the role 😀

  2. Richard McAuliffe /

    Still not convinved. Vincent was a washed up movie star making his living on a crappy tv show and the only way to do that with Tennant is to age him up or make out he was like Corey Feldman in the Friday the 13th movies or something. David Tennant is the age you would have expected Peter Vincent to be at his movie star prime, not a has been.

    Thats assuming they keep the same character of course, they could go a totally different direction that would make it work. Still a plus though, his casting means the wife will be up for going to see it whereas before I would have had to nag.

    • geeksyndicate /

      Yeah like i said in the post my only reservation in the casting is the age but because I like Tennant’s acting and his sometimes over the top and flamboyant style he showed as the doctor would lend itself well to the character so I could see it working. I still think you idea of casting Anthony Stewart Head in the role would have been a better fit in my book. He’s the right age and they basically make his this Peter Vincent a take on his Giles from buffy. Job done.

      Still definately got me to sit up and take notice of this remake with this casting choice

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