Deadman movie on the way

Other than an episode in the Justice Legaue Unlimted cartoon and the current DC event ‘Blackest Night’ I’ve had no real exposure to ‘ Deadman’. According to Variety I’m about to get a lot more knowledge about him as  Warner Bros have decided to bring him to the big screen.

In the comics Boston Brand aka Deadman is the ghost of a murdered acrobat who is able to possess the living (he also has a high collar that would give Ming the Merciless  a run for his money in the wardrobe department).

I’m not really up on the character enough to say whether this is good or bad news or what tone the eventual film should be. The ability to possess the living could open up a lot of avenues on screen so I’ll be interested to see how the adaptation is tackled.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Variety

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