Diane Lane to Play Martha Kent in Zack Synder’s Superman

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So it seems that the new Superman film, from the Watchmen and 300 director Zack Synder, is starting to gain pace in it’s casting.

Diane Lane has now signed onto the film in the role of Clark Kent’s adopted mum Martha Kent. She is the first casting announcement since that of Superman himself who will be played by Henry Cavill.

So what do we think good or bad casting?

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  1. Anthony /

    Are you crazy Henry Cavill as SuperMan!That dudes hair is not black and he doesn’t look buff enough.You must have been on something when he auditioned no ofense.Henry even told you he wasn’t good enough for the part.Your gonna have a lot of angry fans and other disappointing super man movie.Also the fact that you picked him is telling me you guys are rushing it and don’t care enough to do good movie.If anything he can play The Flash or AquaMan.

    • Hair not Black? Hair Dye! Not buff enough? Work out for 6 months straight.

      There is more to playing superman then naturally looking like superman. Make up can fix that! they needed a Actor and i’m not sure if you are a actor or not but Henry Cavill is definitely a actor. He’s 6’1″ and as far as i can tell he HAS dark hair and is pretty damn buff!

      not everyone will be happy about casting, and thats whats great it sparks discussion! but atleast wait untill you see how henry does as supes before you start bashing him! if he’s crap i’ll be right there next to you shouting at Warner Bros. but until then chill out a little.

  2. Anthony /

    You guys should of got Tom Welling or me.”I’m serious when I say me” and reasons why are cause I have black hair and I’m 6’3″ 230lbs and way more built then that guy and have more muscle definition.I went to ComicCon dressed as superman and everybody thought I was gonna play the new superman and compleamented me.No I’m not messing with you I’m the real deal,no bowlshit.So if your interested email at [email protected] you won’t be disappointed.And I’m sure the fans would be more at ease.

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