Disney’s Black Hole to be remade

So it seems the remake juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down. The next film in its headlight’s is Disney’s Black Hole.

Man I love this film as a kid especially Old Bob the Robot. It still chokes me up when I think of that metallic old-timer. It also had Maximilian a robot that to this day still scares the crap of me especially in the final shot from the film. I remember making a mental note to myself must never travel through black hole with insane arm/blade spinning robot.

So what do I think of this idea well I’m not going to get on my high horse about it.  I think that there is a lot of material in this film which if done right could make for a great remake.

I just think that after films like Moon and District 9 I’d love to see some more original Sci-Fi coming through in 2010. I’m not bothered whether they are thought provoking or pure pop corn as there is room for both. It would just be cool to see some films where I’m not already invested in the character or story.

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Source: Heatvisionblog

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