Electric Man is coming and he needs your help

Electric Man: The Movie

Dugbus Ltd, in association with strange boat are currently in pre-production on ELECTRIC MAN, a feature length comedy drama best described as ‘the Maltese Falcon’ meets ‘Clerks’ in which two twenty something under-achievers discover one of the rarest comics in the world. The film will be shot on location in Edinburgh in early 2010.

Set in the world of comic books and the people that love them. Electric Man is much more than a story for those who know their men in tights. The main cinema-going demographic is 16 to 34 year olds and electric man is aimed squarely at that group. More, the story line appeals to both a male and female audience. Niche it isn’t.

Aside from showing in film festivals and seeking mainstream distribution we will be exploiting all relevant avenues to have our film seen by as wide an audience as possible. Examples of this would be iTunes and direct DVD sales from our website. the film will be accompanied by other merchandising such as t-shirts and Electric Man the comic.

This micro budget feature will be funded through sponsorship from both businesses and individuals.

I hear a lot of talk from people saying how they want to write a book, draw their own comic, make a film or a hundred other dreams.  I will always take my hat off to anyone who is out there working their ass off to make their dream a reality.

Electric Man is one of those projects.  I think the premise sounds really cool and I hope the people involved raise enough money to get the film made.

If you want to learn more or if you’ve got deep pockets filled with cash and want to potentially put some into the project then head over to the website and find out how you can help.

Here’s the story blurb…

Jazz and Wolf need money, £5,000 to be exact, so when they find themselves in possession of electric man issue one, perhaps the rarest comic on the planet, you would think their problems were solved.But no.

A £100,000 comic doesn’t appear without attracting trouble, unfortunately for Jazz and Wolf this trouble comes in more than one package.

Jimmy, a Glaswegian heavy. He’s already killed once to get his hands on it. He might just kill again.

Edison Bolt, an unhinged american collector whose life revolves around Electric Man. There’s a good chance that even he doesn’t know what he’ll do next.

Lauren, alluring and seductive and not entirely truthful and quite possibly the woman that Jazz has been waiting for.

And that’s before Electric Man himself turns up…

To save their livelihoods and their love lives Jazz and Wolf have to outsmart, outrun and outwit them all. That’s when they find out heroes don’t always wear lycra…

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