Fillion and Longoria to Play Marvel’s Biggest Couple!?

So, is this rumor or truth? Evan Longoria had been rumored to strap on the wings of Janet Van Dyne for a while now, and Nathan Fillion has been rumored to be up for every superhero role besides Spider-man and Batman. Will these actors become an Avengers couple?

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  1. I hadn’t hear this :O I never thought Longoria would do a film like this…I’m not sure how well she’d fit into the genre. A bit like Josh Hartnett in 30 Days of Night – I always thought an less well-known actor would have carried off that role better 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t have imagined all of the big movie stars they’ve gotten for Marvel movies recently, either. I’ve seen Deperate Housewives, so I think she can pull the wealthy heiress off, but I’m skeptical about the superhero side.

  3. @Vichuss Yep, that’s exactly it – She doesn’t strike me as fitting to the superhero role. She is, however, a relatively decent actor, so she may surprise us.

    I’ve also just noticed a substantial number of typos in my first comment!

  4. isn’t she too old to play Wasp at her origin. i though Jan was supposed to be early 20’s when she got with hank

  5. If we go by those rules, Robert Downey Jr is WAY too old to be Iron Man.

  6. yeh but Downey doesn’t look 45 he can pass for a 30-35 year old tony which is the right age!

    She is 35 and LOOKS 40 (a hot very hot 40) but she doesn’t look 20

  7. Aw, poor Eva!

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