First Look at Bzzd from “Green Lantern”

Here is a Shot of the Green Lantern Bzzd from the upcoming flick! Looking pretty good!

Bzzd’s history:

Although Bzzd was no bigger then a housefly, his tremendous willpower
allowed him to be a capable fighter in the Green Lantern Corps.  Bzzd’s power was evident in his penchant for creating constructs that were massive in scope when compared to his diminutive size, like locomotives and full scale roller coasters.

Bzzd was first introduced when he responded to the distress call of Vath Sarn and Isamot Kol on the planet-form Mogo. As Mogo’s partner, the two Lanterns were a natural example to all beings that the size and form of a Green Lantern is insignificant to the power of their will. Bzzd was instrumental in rescuingKilowog from the thrall of the sentient virus, Despotellis, that had invaded Mogo.  Bzzd used his stinger to deliver a powerful dose of toxin that incapacitated the veteran Lantern long enough for the virus to be purged from his system.

Bzzd fought with distinction in the Sinestro Corps War, surviving fierce battles that claimed many of his larger and more physically imposing brethren. During this time Bzzd strengthened his ties with fellow Lanterns Vath Sarn, Isamot Kol, StelSoranik Natu, and Guy Gardner, to name just a few.

Bzzd would join these Lanterns, along with Princess IolandeKyle RaynerSodam Yat, and Arisia, on a mission to round up all stray Sinestro Corps rings before they could find new bearers. During this mission, the team came into conflict with the Sinestro Corps’ new self appointed leader, Mongul, who was using the Black Mercy plants as a means of spreading fear throughout the universe. After initially battling Mother Mercy, the sentient “mother” of all Black Mercy plants, the Lanterns convinced her that they meant no harm and they joined together to thwart Mongul’s plan.

In a final confrontation with Mongul, the other Lanterns attacked the heavily armed despot while Bzzd flew into Mongul’s mouth. Although Mongul was holding strong against the combined power of nine other Lanterns, he was unaware of Bzzd invasion into his body. Mongul was perforated with numerous blast from Bzzd inside the monster and, in his mortally wounded state, Mongul was blasted into Mother Mercy’s planetary orbit where he was digested by the plants he had so callously co-opted for his evil purposes.

Bzzd was overcome by the strain of his attack and the resulting explosion of feedback from Mongul’s yellow energy. While held gently in Soranik Natu’s palm, Bzzd died, happily knowing that his friends were safe and that he had the honor to serve with them. Bzzd’s ring passed on to Mother Mercy, who chose the Green Lantern Corps over the Sinestro ring that had also selected her. Bzzd body was taken back to Oa, to be interred in the Crypts of Oa, alongside other heroic fallen Lanterns.

Source: Comic Book Movie

GS Reporter: Matt

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