First Look at Captain America: The First Avenger Concept Art

According to the guys at Aintitcool these concept art pictures of the Captain America outfit for the new film starring Chris Evans are 100% legit. You can never be sure with the internet though but I hope they are real as I really like the look of them.

Check em out for yourself!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: Aintitcool

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  1. I’m looking at this, and I can make comllaints, but there is SO much worse they could have done with cap. For the first film, I’d be alright with it. I don’t like the psuedo suspenders, but I think it feels like they made him look like he’s ready for any situation. He looks like he’s ready to drop out of a plane, has a suit that’s waterproof, and he has the shield and helmet, ready to do some fighting on the ground.

  2. SillyMattFace /

    My big worry for the movie was making Cap’s suit look anything less than completely ridiculous in real life and on the big screen.

    They’ve really pulled it off here though. Trademarks like the A and the star are there, but the goofier elements like the head wingalings are gone. I also like how the red straps make the stripes effect on his midriff, instead of what is effectively a stripy corset on the original.

    I can see this guy storming a German machine gun nest alongside normal soldiers and looking like the symbol he’s meant to be. Let’s face it, Cap’s normal suit looks a bit goofy even compared to his fellow superheroes in comics, let alone amidst soldiers in a warzone.

    If this or something like it is what we see in the movie, I’m happy.

  3. I’ve read the descriptions of the USO outfit he will wear in the early part of the film, and that sounds like it will be more a of a traditional Cap outfit.

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