Flash And Green Lantern 2 Scripts Due By Christmas,Bradley Cooper Front Runner For Barry Allen?

According to Deadline, WB will have a nice Xmas present of both their Flash and Green Lantern 2 scripts.

Moviehole also reckons Bradley Copper is their first choice for The Flash..

From Deadline:

I’ve just learned that the latest script for the Dc Comics character The Flash will be handed into Warner Bros between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green are writing the draft, and Greg Berlanti did the story with them. No word on who’ll direct The Flash yet, but I can tell you it’s doubtful it’ll be Berlanti… “He won’t want to direct it because he kinda wants to do something in between size-wise first before attempting something that large,”…. I hear the film(Green Lantern) shaping up is “jaw-dropping”.) My source says, “They’re working round the clock on that now. Also, the three of them are working on the treatment for the sequel to the Green Lantern at the same time. All of which will be in by Christmas.”

Moviehole : claim The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper is the front runner to play The Flash. Its unlikely WB would actually be speaking to anyone without having signed a director.

Very early days but, I’ve heard Bradley Cooper, who of course was the runner-up for the role of Hal Jordan in DC’s “Green Lantern”, is the favourite to wiggle his way into the cherry tights. Warner Bros loves them some Cooper, and DC is very keen to have Cooper be ‘part of the family’, so don’t be surprised to hear the “Hangover” star’s name mentioned in relation to the role when the short-list is inevitably leaked.


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