Green Lantern Scribe to Assist on Blade Runner Sequel?

blade-runner-2-movieMovie gossip doing the rounds at the moment is that Sir Ridley Scott has hired Green Lantern writer Micheal Green to pen his upcomming Blade Runner sequel.

Nothing official as yet, but its been reported several places in the last couple of days. I’m not sure, but I find it hard to be too excited about this – Blade Runner never struck me as a film that cried out for a sequel, and the last time Scott went back to old stomping grounds with Prometheus it hardly gathered rave reviews. Plus, “the writer of Green Lantern”  doesn’t quicken my pulse. File under “Hmm, We’ll see”.

Reporter: Matt

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  1. Your last three sentences summed up my immediate reaction to the first. It’s like LA never got over the WAG strike.

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