Has A-Team the movie found it’s B A?

The A-team movie which is about to start shooting is still down two cast members, namely B.A. Baracus and Howling mad Murdock. The rumour mills have been going into overtime with the rumour that B.A has been cast.

A Mma fighter by the name of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is supposedly set to take on the role formely held by MR T. Not knowing much about the whole Mixed Martial Arts scene I had now idea who Jackson was but my first thought was ‘cool name’

A few images searches on the net stuck gold and I found the following image.


I have no idea about the guys acting chops but he certainly feels the Bad Attitude look needed. Anyway lets be honest Mr T bless him wasn’t  the world’s greatest thespian.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source:Screen Rant

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  1. You know, I saw the headline and thought “OK… lets see which useless rapper who wants an acting career they’ve got on for this one”.
    Glad to see they havent gone that route and have instead cast a real badass as opposed to a “mess with me, and I’ll make up a little rhyme about you” guy.

    Just hope they dont decide the mohecan is too cheesy. Needs the mohecan

    • geeksyndicate /

      Yeah you certainly wouldn’t want to mess with that dude. I’m actually looking forward to seeing how this one works out now.

  2. Definitely would not be Mr T without the Mohican 🙂

  3. roy3 /

    Should have talked to me. I used to be MMA media. Jackson is an really good fit.

    His acting is alright from what I’ve sen of him. He was a victim in Clive Barker’s Midnight Meat Train and had a cameo as himself in the MMAsploitation crapfest Never Surrender.

    He also trains at the Wolfslair school in Liverpool.

    I was going to report on this, but the original source was from The Sun. The Sun hasn’t been too trustworthy when it comes to MMA news as of late. It’s good to finally have a secondary source.


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