Have Scientists Found a Habitable Version of Tatooine?

It certainly looks that way!

According to astronomers 55 Cancri F (not as catchy as Tatooine) is around 40 light years from us and it just might be habitable. Now all that is great and lovely for the future of  the human race blah, blah but let’s focus on the more important things. This sucker has not one but two big, beautiful suns people. One is red, the other orange and for half of the year you can see both of these bad boys.

Now we’ve all had a fierce  argument with, parents, partners, siblings, bosses, the pizza delivery guy etc then stomped out with head raised towards the fading sun, hearing that music in your head and wishing there were two suns to complete the scene. Ok that may just be me but you get where I’m going with this and it’s all the way to 55 Cancri F baby!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: DVICE

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