Identity of Benedict Cumberbatch Star Trek Into Darkness Character Is Revealed

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESSFind out who Benedict Cumberbatch will play at long last.

Is he Khan, is he Gary Mitchell, is he a Tribble in disguise? The theories of the identity of the character Benedict Cumberbatch will play in the sequel to the successful Star trek reboot have been many. Paramount, it seems, have decided to put us all out of our misery by revealing the character Cumberbatch will play.

If you don’t want to know then read no further.

Still here?

Cumberbatch is playing a character called John Harrison who apparently (according to many) was a character in the “Space Seed’ the episode from the original show that introduced us to Khan. Whether all of this is true or whether this is a smokescreen and the big reveal is that Cumberbatch is Khan s anyone’s guess. To be honest I’m not too bothered who he plays he looked good as he villain in what little I’ve seen in the trailer and looking forward to seeing more.

If there are any Trekkies who can shed anymore light onto this character then let us know.



Reporter: Nuge
Source: Ainititcool

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  1. One of the theories I’ve read is that John Harrison is the name he gives himself throughout the movie until the big reveal, where he states he’s Khan/Gary Mitchetll/a cheese sandwich with cheekbones. I’m gunning for Gary Mitchell; he sounds like the genius nutjob CUmberbatch would pull off well.


    • It’s a good theory…kinda hoping they go with the Gary Mitchell angle as always loved that episode but something tells me he’s going to be Khan.

  2. “Harrison” was a bridge officer who appeared in multiple episodes. Whether its the same Harrison remains to be seen.

    • Hmmm..the plot thickens. What do you reckon Lee? You reckon this is going to be a Wrath of Khan reboot?

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