The Joe’s are back and this time they’re bringing the Rock with them….oh and some bloke called Bruce Willis.

Even though there was some serious overuse of CGI and a story you could write on the back of a matchbox I enjoyed the first GI:Joe film. I mean it’s not like it was a twist that the film was going to turn out to be stlye over substance. Granted I did watch it on DVD as I thought it wasn’t going to be worth going to the cinema but it was a fun little diversion. After watching the international trailer for the sequel I may have to change my stance with regards to waiting for the DVD but first I’ll need to run the trailer through my little action checklist.

*Pulls out pen and checklist at this point*

OK let’s get this action checklist done

  • A world on the bring of chaos.
  • The good guys all but beaten and running scared.
  • Only a few bad asses left but boy are they bad asses.
  • Ninjas fighting on mountainside.
  • The Rock atop a tank with a gun that’s bigger than a small city and looks like it could level one.
  • Ninja training and more Ninja on Ninja action than you can shake a Katana at.
  • Bruce Willis showing why you should never leave him a lone in the back of a truck.

Hmmm something tells me I may just be popping along to my local cinema to check this beast out because sometimes I just want to sit back and watch stuff get blown up for ninety minutes.

GS Reporter: Nuge

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  1. This could be a lot of fun, but i can see it getting missed amongst things like TDKR

    • geeksyndicate /

      yeah that’s always the problem with so many big films coming out this year. Still going to try my best to check it out….it looks like Action Man the Movie dammit!!!

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