Iron Man 3 Writer Drew Pearce Take on Mission Impossible 5

Good morning Mr Pearce, you’re mission should you choose to accept it is to write a screenplay for Mission Impossible 5.

If you couldn’t get enough of Drew Pearce’s co-writing duties on Iron Man 3 well you are in for a treat as his next project will be Mission Impossible 5. As someone who enjoyed the snappy dialogue from old Tony Stark and crew I’m looking forward to seeing what Drew can do with Ethan Hunt aka Tom Cruise and his team. Personally I hope that he’s able to take the film series a little back to the roots of the TV show rather than a non-stop rollercoaster of mask pulling, action sequences and Tom Crusie running. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the MI4 but I think it’s world’s away in terms of tone from the original series.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: deadline

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