Is Branagh mighty enough to direct Thor?

When you think of candidates to direct a Marvel superhero movie,  the director/star of 1996’s Hamlet is not high on that list. You would think that actor/director Kenneth Branagh would have better things to do, like adapting another Shakespeare work. If Branagh is indeed chosen to direct Thor, will this be another case of a director who doesn’t give Marvel fans what they want (Ang Lee’s Hulk) or will this be a sucess (Jon Favreau’s direction of Iron Man)?

Source: Variety

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One comment

  1. Interesting rumour – I could imagine a bit of Shakespearean direction working for Thor. After all, Stan Lee did want to write the character as if he was in a Shakespeare play (at least according to my book of Stan Lee’s 50 Comic moments – with audio no less!).

    Provided we get some epic god battles… yeah I’d go with that.

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