Is Catwoman’s costume purfect?

Today around the web lots of pics of Anne Hathaway in her full catwoman costume but was it any good?

Personally I am not too impressed by this. I have never been sold on Hathaway in the role and this does not inspire me. It seems a bit too Eartha Kitt for my liking but I do trust Nolan to rock my world so will hold off judgement.


Check more pics here

SOURCE: Screen Rant

GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Neither am I, but It’s a look that is neither classic Catwoman, Movie/TV Catwoman, nor goggles Catwoman. A bold design, but I really would just like to have the newer Catwoman look. I understand why Catwoman looks this way, because none of the other characters really look like their comic counterparts.

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